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An important Bitcoin ATM Business in Europe!

Our company sells and installs Bitcoin ATMs in Europe. We won’t be satisfied with what we have achieved, and we have a goal to become worldwide within the next 2 years. We are in our constant development and are always looking for new partners.

We are the first independent company to deal with Bitcoin ATM business in Europe. Our Bitcoin delivery system is easy and convenient. We collaborate with retailers in different markets and provide our customers easy access to their Bitcoins without regard to their status and type of business.

There are a number of machines placed in various locations; among them are supermarket chains, convenience stores, or leisure areas. And that’s just a beginning! Moreover we are providing full Bitcoin cash machines services to large business retailers and top-rank enterprises.

Our company is primarily focused on hardware and software technologies to provide the extended number of services and capabilities.

The company has a large list of projects and programs running at the moment, including highly strategic developments, as well as existing systems and services enhancements.